A technician performs rivet work on the fuselage of an MD 530FF, serial 0064FF.

Flight Trails Helicopters is equipped to make extensive repairs to rotorcraft fuselages and engines. It has a full sheet metal shop, as well as personnel skilled in fiberglass repairs.


A RR M250-C30 engine in a stand awaiting tear down and inspection.

Flight Trails Helicopters offers services which include periodic maintenance and inspections specified by the manufacturer or FAA, as well as component overhaul inspections.


An empty instrument panel awaiting the completion of major repairs of an MD 530FF, serial 0064FF.

Flight Trails Helicopters can troubleshoot, install, or replace a wide variety of instruments and other avionics. Additionally, it offers custom instrument panel fabrication and etching.


An MD 600N, serial RN042, in Canada after having been fully repainted.

Flight Trails Helicopters holds a number of STCs, such as courtesy handles, slant panels, side mounts, and battery boxes. It is also equipped to install many other PMA/STC parts, and offers full helicopter painting services.

Pre-Buy Inspections

An MD 530FF, serial 0121FF, flies low over a wildlife reserve in Kenya to tranquilize a sick rhino.

Looking to buy a helicopter? Flight Trails Helicopters will fly an inspector to wherever the aircraft is being stored and give a detailed report on existing damage and estimated costs to repair it, with no further obligations.

Flight Operations

An MD 530FF, serial 0106FF, in a hover in front of the old Flight Trails Helicopters hangar.

Flight Trails Helicopters employs several skilled pilots. On top of offering rotor track-and-balance services, Flight Trails Helicopters will fly a pilot out to you to train you on operating MD 500/600 and Bell 206 rotorcraft.